GC-FID Instructions: HP 6890 GC with FID detector


Turn on all 3 gasses by turning the valve at the top of the tanks. He, then Air and H2 last.


Turn on the GC using the white button at the bottom of the instrument.


On the computer, click on GC Icon on the windows screen.


Wait until the unit indicates that it is ready (Flame has to light, the injector and the oven have to warm up).


Under Methods, Select the method you are going to use or edit the parameters for a new method.


Typical parameters follow, enter them as the experiment suggests:


GC-FID Parameters

Column: 5% Phenyl Methyl Polysiloxane

Dimensions: 30m x 0.32mm x 0.25microns thick coating

Carrier Gas: Helium

Carrier Gas Flow Rate: 2 mL/min

Injector Temp: 280 C

Column Temperature program: 30 C hold for 2 minutes

Then ramp to 150 C, at a rate of 10 C/min

Detector: FID, reads out in picoamps

Detector Gasses: H2 and Air flame, with Helium make-up gas

Injection amount: 1ml

Total time for the run: about 30 minutes.


Place your vials in the autosampler, noting their position


Go to the Sequence Table


Enter the position (Vial #) and name of your samples, the method etc as shown on the table.


Save the sequence with a unique name.


Run the sequence.